Solid support. When you’re drilling for new talent.

‘Every year the programme is strongly focused on our primary processes and committed to sound learning.’

Saskia van ’t Hof-Looije, manager Talent Acquisition & Development, Van Oord Marine Ingenuity

Solid support. When you want a team rolling again.

‘Our staff felt valued and the human resources team is now self-organising.’

Bert van de Velden, Director of Public Health, Kennemerland Safety Region

Solid support. When flat hierarchy is the way forward.

‘Innova successfully connects the ‘struggles’ of individuals to the goal of the organisation.’

Edith Kuiper, Professionalisation coach and project leader, Spirit youth and parenting services

Solid support. When you like to change tracks.

‘With their personal involvement and result-driven approach, Innova translated our core
values into everyday practice.’

Paul Fölsche, Director, Operations Management, NS Railway Stations


How do you get from A to B?
Change is all about discovering a route. During our exploratory research we engage with the organisation to get a clearer picture of perceptions and attitudes, and reach a common understanding of what is at stake.


Sustainable change
Innova always takes the context of the organisation as the starting point. Together with our client we investigate the factors that influence planning a strategy for the way forward.


Measurable behaviour change
Innova shows what aspects of behaviour need to change, and how it can be done. We analyse barriers and promote the desired change through individual and collective learning interventions.