Personal Profile & Consultancy Projects


My consultancy experience since 1990 is based on a variety of change projects for businesses and national government organisations. It is inspiring to experience, understand and initiate change processes in a specific context. The focus is on development and achievement of objectives.

As Chairman of the Board of a charity for international development projects I have learned to build bridges between groups from different parts of the world. Working together is essential for people with diverse cultures and ways of life to bring about change.

The interaction between change processes and aid projects in developing countries has had an enriching impact on my personal and professional development. In change projects for Innova and in my international board activities, cooperation creates colourful relationships. Projects in which people need to take action themselves is a challenge involving real partnership.

Since 2015 I have been a freelance lecturer in International Business Innovation Studies at Inholland University of Applied Sciences.

Education: Degree (Sociology of Organisation/Organisational Change) at Leiden University.


Dutch National Police Force

An innovative project geared to improving the performance of the police, introducing sophisticated bodycams. Live video registration of police officers operating in a variety of interactions. During intervision and professional dialogue the impact of interventions is analysed, including feedback.

Freelance lecturer in International Business Innovation Studies

Organisation Design & Change, transitions from analysis and design to interventions.

Contingency Approach, geared to organic versus mechanistic systems.

Co-creation, strategy for sustainable partnerships and mutual benefits in b2b.

Rethinking Business for the 21st Century, from innovation to implementation.


Position of MB-NL as franchise versus entrepreneurial organisation and the impact of market developments on organisational designs, ranging from competition and coalition to cooperation.

Deloitte Accountancy

Converging market trends initiated the analysis and exploration of a new business approach, integrating services for private and public organisations and an effective support structure.

Municipality of The Hague

Developing and implementing a management development programme to empower a ‘diversity’ of management talent.

Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment

Positioning of the Audit Department. Analysis and interpretation of context of customer organisation. Development and implementation of integrated auditing.

Province of Utrecht

Development and advice for applying process-oriented work in co-operation with Policy, Implementation, Licensing and Enforcement geared to external performance.

Reell Precision Manufacturing

Analysis of current entrepreneurial environment, including development of a new organisational design. Developing a business plan for leadership, focusing on guaranteeing continuity.


Changing business processes in line with the changed scope of the new organisation. Integration of objectives in HR processes and in its new organisational structure.

Custodial Institutions Agency: Restructuring of Information Security Organisation

Positioning of department, developing staff workers’ professional attitude, designing structure and institutionalising of methods, based on integrity, confidentiality of information exchange.

Custodial Institutions Agency: Efficiency of business processes

Improving business processes between Prison Institutions, Headquarters and Shared Service Organisations. Creating common focus and integrating working procedures within prison context.


This regional company is experiencing strong growth as a dealer of cars and commercial vehicles. Ambition to generate a larger market share. Development of business plan geared to commercial activities.

Deloitte Accountancy

Developing an integrated business process: long-term objectives, stimulating leadership and cooperation between departments and implementing effective business processes.

Ministry of Security and Justice: Integrity and Screening Agency (‘Justis’)

Achieving performance improvement by changing the conduct of business and implementation of process management for reasons of efficiency. Implementation of change process.

Hexion (previously Shell Chemicals)

New petro-chemical enterprise due to selling Shell Chemical’s resins and versatics business. Facilitating and developing of its new European management team.

Small and Medium Enterprises

Development of small and medium-size enterprises with a national or regional scope. Facilitating and coaching directors/founders in developing the organisation or starting up succession procedures.

Ministry of Security and Justice: Department of Judicial Youth Policy

Creating effective business policies by changing from functional working methods to process oriented methods due to differences between judicial and operational activities.

Computer Sciences Corporation

Developing a medium-term business plan: update of mission statement, implementing vision and strategy, improving team work and business processes.

Ministry of Security and Justice: development of high potentials

Leadership course is a management development investment in the organisation’s high potentials based on three coherent principles: measuring, learning and working.

Custodial Institutions Agency: ‘Concern Staff’ integral business results

Developing performance improvement of the national ‘Concern Staff’ and stimulating staff workers’ professional attitude and skills. Integrating departmental plans focusing on coherent business results.

Dutch District and Appeal Courts

Implementation of a more effective philosophy of integral management. Development of the management’s vision and role in the change process.

Horwath, de Zeeuw & de Keizer: Accountants and Fiscal advisers

Expansion of regional offices and service offer to customers and new business. Facilitating change process, enhancing commercial focus and quality level, supporting senior management leadership.

Grimbergen ‘Constructive Partnership’

Analysis and reorganisation of tasks and responsibilities to achieve effective business processes. Development of a new structure and implementation at departmental and individual level.

Friesland Bank

Integrated course of self-study, training and on-the-job support. Investing in professional skills of staff in local branches. Analysis of results by quality research and external measurement.

TNT Worldwide Express

Change programme focusing on sustainable performance improvements. Upgrade of human resources investments by senior management to support and achieve turnover targets.


Restructuring of Technical Training Services for aircraft maintenance mechanics. Development and implementation of a new educational design and curriculum for mechanics and avionics services.

Ministry of Security and Justice: National HRM investments

  • National course for positioning and repositioning of HR staff services and investing in attitude and skills of HR managers and staff based on integral management.
  • National ‘Personnel Management’ course aimed at developing HR skills of managers and alignment with services. Analysis of performance resulting in plans for individual courts of law.

  • National course on ‘Absenteeism’, preventing and minimising sickness absence in organisations. Research into absenteeism, focusing on achieving behavioural changes with 2,000 managers.

Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment

Change programme in ‘Systematic Inspection’ focusing on introduction of a new policy framework for National Labour Inspection. Organisational development and training for managers and inspectors.

Deloitte Accountancy

Change process for accountants in small and medium enterprises. Training programme: changing attitude and skills for more effective advisory customer relations.

Dutch National Railways (NS)

Research into the description and classification of 1,500 jobs, due to a reorganisation and renewal of the job ranking system, including policy plan for managing the organisation.

Provincial governments

Research into environment-related tasks of Dutch provinces and environmental jobs. Making information about jobs to environmental managers, regional staff and Human Resources.

Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment

Development of an introductory programme for new employees. Programme geared to integration of all participants involved: Information Services, Staff and Directors.

Water authorities

Facilitating the development and implementation of in-service training plans for Polder Boards. Stimulating the various Polder Boards to develop and implement their own training plans.

Board and advisory positions

1986 – present: Advisor to non-profit organisations (international youth work, societal issues). Activities: research, development, implementation.

2010 – 2012 : World Servants Research & Development, advisor.

1992 – 2010 : World Servants International, international aid projects, chairperson.

1988 – 1995 : World Servants Europe, international aid projects, chairperson.