Innova. Solid support in change.

How do you get from A to B?

By finding a route that works
The change process is about finding a way from A to B. But what is A? And what does B actually look like? Innova researches and investigates the content and processes that are going on. During our exploratory research we engage with the organisation to get a clearer picture of perceptions and attitudes, and reach a common understanding of what is at stake.

How does effective change happen?
Change is often rooted in discontent or ambition. The situation may be fraught with problems and concerns – or brimming with challenge and enthusiasm. Innova analyses where and why work processes stagnate and finds out how to get them running effectively again. We work as partners with our clients and decide together what needs to be done in order to achieve their goals.

Innova’s research focuses on intervention
When exploring the situation, we always provide clarity and support on the steps that are necessary to achieve the desired change.

‘Innova’s personal involvement and result-driven approach translated our core values into everyday practice.’

Paul FölscheDirector, Operations Management, NS Stations

Towards sustainable change

The context is our starting point
Innova always takes the context of the organisation as the starting point. Together with our client we investigate the factors that influence planning a strategy for the way forward.

Looking at the past
To stay healthy and resilient, an organisation needs to keep tapping into new developments. A new context always puts new demands on staff and the way they work. So, to prepare for the future, Innova also looks at the past. After all, what people think about their work here and now is inevitably coloured by their previous experiences. The past often contains the key to success – or a recipe for trouble.

Seeking sustainable change
Resolving resistance to change may require tailor-made or unusual tactics. At Innova, we believe that the changes need to be sustainable. So, besides the overt and formal aspects of the organisation, we explore the deeper background issues, too.

Steering and support
Our working method can help to pinpoint an imbalance between attitudes and behaviour. This often leads to new insights about steering and the importance of support from within the organisation.

‘Our staff felt valued and the human resources team is now self-organising.’

Bert van de VeldenDirector of Public Health, Kennemerland Safety Region

The workplace as a learning environment

Organisations are about people
The people in an organisation are crucial to its success and significance. But it also depends on whether they’re willing and able to learn, now and in the future. Innova shows what aspects of behaviour need to change, and how it can be done. We analyse barriers and foster the desired change through individual and collective learning interventions.

The workplace as a learning environment
What people learn must produce results in daily working life. Innova views this as an excellent reason for using the workplace as an opportunity for learning. Through dialogue, we look for activities and methods that can boost change. Our repertoire includes simulation games, which may involve professional actors or feature input from clients and the issues they are currently facing.

Measurable results
Innova believes that investing in development should produce measurable results in practice. So, in partnership with our clients, we look for behavioural and business indicators that demonstrate the intervention results as concretely as possible.

‘Every year has produced a demonstrable return on our investment.’

Saskia van ’t Hof-LooijeLearning & Development Manager, Van Oord Marine Ingenuity