Innova. Solid support in change.

Partners in change

Innova sees organisations as a fascinating blend of individuals, group dynamics and business processes. They need to cohere as a single organism in a constantly changing environment. If the outside world demands change and development from an organisation, Innova delivers reliable support as a ‘partner in change’.

A sustainable plan    
In helping organisations to manage change successfully, Innova follows a joined-up approach. In close cooperation with our clients, we focus on the connections between the organisation’s goals, structures and internal relationships. We look for matches at every level – the system, the teams and the individuals.

A strong focus on results
Being ‘partners in change’ means charting a new course together. We look for stimulating two-way interaction that will achieve new and appropriate outcomes. Innova focuses strongly on results, because change needs to work out in practice.

Marret <br /> Kramer


‘My main task is to get people to open up, and then find out where their capabilities and opportunities lie. I help them to make connections between the goals of their organisation and their personal motivation.’

Gert <br /> Dammer


‘To make change happen, I first explore the context of the organisation. Focus is on identifying and achieving goals. Working as partners means having the ability to connect with the expertise of your clients. That is the starting point of change.’

Johan <br /> de Kleuver

de Kleuver

‘Before I can help to change anything, I need to understand the situation. Empathy and analysis are our basis for building up the organisation. Together we seek to set up the work processes so that they invite the desired behaviour and give people scope to use their talents more effectively.’

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Innova is a network organisation

We work on a regular basis with a pool of professionals and consultants whose expertise complements our own:

Controlyse specialises in Adaptive Business Control’. This integrated approach helps to position Controlyse as an effective business partner for the primary process.

Eduard Vos is an advisor and coach with Controlyse, specialised in positioning, value creation, strategy development and cyclical innovation.

Margriet Verweij is an HR development consultant and education professional. She is specialised in developing training courses for in-company HR processes.

Martijn de Lange is a change manager. He has experience with large, complex programmes in the field of business analysis, process optimisation, organisational design and digitisation.

For many years, we have been working in partnership with De Federatie as a supplier of senior training actors for our training courses.

Quint Creative is fascinated by the future and has an infectious enthusiasm for tech innovation and its social implications. They have over 15 years of digital marketing experience, working in international advertising agencies. They love to put that to good use when working with businesses, coaching students and engaged in public speaking.

CIRCON: Curriculum Innovation Research & CONsultancy
Jaap van der Steen is a social psychologist. Over the past 25 years he has specialised in developing and applying e-learning and other technological tools for workshops and coaching programmes. His focus is ‘learning on the work floor’.

LogOss Consultancy
Arie Ossewaarde specialises in setting up collaboration between ICT departments and suppliers and the executive units in businesses. His quality-based, result-driven approach is about enhancing the effectiveness of primary processes. For him, co-creation is the ultimate form of collaboration.

Our clients

Trade and Industry

  • Ballast HAM Dredging
  • Controlyse
  • Corus (now Tata Steel)
  • Energie company North West
  • Grimbergen ‘Constructive Partnership’
  • Rotterdam Port Authority
  • Heineken
  • Hollandsche Beton Groep
  • Master Communications
  • National Railways: NS Stations and NS-Passengers
  • Rademaker Food Processing Equipment
  • Synergie (IT-consultancy of Getronics)
  • Van Oord, Marine Ingenuity
  • Wielandt & Partners, Change management and Consultancy

Finance sector

  • Frieslandbank
  • RVS- Insurances

Government and independent administrative bodies

  • Municipality of The Hague
  • Rent Committee within Ministry of the Interior
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management
  • Kennemerland Safety Region

Care and welfare

  • AMC, Academic Medical Centre Amsterdam
  • Elker, youth and parenting services, Groningen
  • Teylingereind youth custodial institution and forensic centre
  • Salvation Army Amsterdam
  • Spirit, youth and parenting services (Amsterdam metropolitan area and province of North Holland)
  • Foundation Pulse, for welfare and social participation

Artwork: The Ways

Artist Paul Koning was fascinated by the graphic pattern of cracked surfaces along roads. By photographing them and processing the results digitally he created a new reality, new roads and a new landscape.

A fine metaphor for our work
Like Paul Koning, we and our clients create new roads through the landscape, taking account of the existing patterns. We challenge people to look at themselves, their work, their organisation and their clients in new ways. Together we create change that is powered by people – change that really works.

General Conditions

General terms and conditions for the performance of contracts by Innova Consultancy

1. Definitions
‘Client’ means the organisation contracting with Innova in writing for the provision of consultancy services. ‘Innova’ means Innova Consultancy, a company incorporated in the Netherlands, whose registered office is at Lavendelstraat 60, 2034 MJ Haarlem.

2. General
These general terms and conditions apply to all offers, activities, bids and contracts for consultancy between Innova Consultancy and the client, or their respective legal successors.

3. Basis for bids
Bids by Innova are based on the information provided by the client. The client undertakes to provide, to the best of its knowledge, all essential information for the organisation and performance of the research. Innova will carry out the required services to the best of its knowledge and ability and in accordance with the requirements of professionalism, due care and expertise. This is a best efforts obligation, because it is impossible to guarantee that the intended results will be achieved.

4. Supply of information and staff
To enable the performance of the contract to proceed smoothly and on schedule as far as possible, the client must provide in good time all the documents and information that Innova requires. This also applies to the provision of staff from the client’s own organisation, who are or will be involved in the performance of the contract by Innova. Innova shall deal with the information and data according to their privacy statement as stated on the website.

5. Involvement of third parties
The client or Innova may involve or engage third parties in the performance of the contract only after joint consultations.

6. Staff changes
In consultation with the client, Innova may alter the composition of the consultancy team, if it considers that this is necessary to perform the contract. The changes must not diminish the quality of the services to be provided or adversely affect the continuity of the contract. Changes may also be made to the team at the client’s request, in consultation with Innova.

7. Rates and costs
Innova does not charge a fee for drafting proposals or bids unless specific research is required. In such an event, Innova will provide an estimate of the projected work and related costs.

If, during the performance of the contract, Innova’s fee exceeds the estimate due to factors unknown at the time the contract was approved, Innova reserves the right to exceed the estimate by a maximum of 10% without the client’s prior written permission, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Innova will only exceed this percentage after consultation with the client, which may result in an agreement to revise the original estimate of the projected work and costs.

8. Conditions of payment
Innova may charge 25% (twenty-five per cent) of the agreed fee at the conclusion of the contract. The remainder will be charged by submitting a monthly invoice in arrears. An invoice must be paid within 30 (thirty) days of its submission. If it is not, Innova reserves the right to charge the statutory interest, without any notice of default being required.

If an invoice is not paid, Innova may suspend performance of the contract by invoking the client’s failure to provide security. If the client is in default or fails to fulfil one or more of its obligations in some other way, the client will have to bear all the legal and other costs that Innova reasonably incurs to obtain satisfaction. If the contract was awarded by more than one client, all the clients are jointly and severally liable for compliance with the obligations set out in this article, irrespective of the party to which the invoice is addressed.

9. Changes to the contract; additional work
The client accepts that the timetable for the contract may be affected if the parties agree during the term of the contract to extend or alter the approach, working methods or scope of the contract and/or the associated work. If such changes affect the agreed fee or expenses, Innova will notify the client accordingly as quickly as possible. If such changes to the contract or performance of the contract arise through the actions of the client, Innova will make the necessary changes, if the quality of the services so requires. If such changes lead to extra work, this will be treated as an additional assignment and confirmed as such with the client.

10. Duration and completion of contract
The duration of the contract may be affected not only by the efforts of the consultancy team but also by various other factors, such as the quality of the information that Innova obtains and the assistance that it receives. Innova is therefore unable to specify in advance exactly how long it will take to perform the contract. Financially, the contract is completed once the client has approved the final statement. The client must communicate with Innova about the statement within 30 days of the date of the statement. If it fails to do so, the final statement will be deemed to have been approved.

11. Early termination of contract
The parties may terminate the contract unilaterally before it has been completed, if one of them considers that the contract can no longer be performed in accordance with the accepted bid and any later, additional specifications. The other party must be sent a written notification, giving reasons.

If the client terminates the contract after it has commenced, Innova is entitled to compensation for any capacity underutilisation losses that have arisen and for which a reasonable case can be made, based on the average monthly amount charged to date. Innova may exercise its right to terminate the contract prematurely only if it cannot reasonably be asked to complete the contract as a result of facts and circumstances that are beyond its control or cannot be attributed to it. In such an event, Innova remains entitled to payment of the invoices for work performed to date; it will make available to the client, subject to reservations, the provisional results of the work performed so far.

In so far as Innova incurs extra costs, these will be charged to the client. If either party is declared bankrupt, applies for protection from creditors or ceases operations, the other party has the right to terminate the contract without notice, all rights being reserved.

12. Cancellation and postponement
If all or part of a contract is cancelled by the client, Innova reserves the right to charge for the time already assigned for performance of the contract, during the first four weeks after the cancellation date. Such charges will be in accordance with the following schedule (percentages refer to percent of fees relating to the relevant contract) to be paid as a cancellation charge:

Number of weeks between the cancellation date and the agreed date of commencement:
5 – 9 weeks inclusive: 75%
10 – 13 weeks inclusive: 20%

If Innova cancels a consultant’s activities due to unforeseen circumstances, it undertakes to provide a substitute consultant or to postpone the activities to a later date, in consultation with the client. In such cases, Innova will bear any costs incurred for renting accommodation on the cancelled date(s).

13. Intellectual property
Models, techniques and instruments, including software, which are used to perform the contract are and remain the property of Innova. They may therefore be disclosed only after receiving permission from Innova.

Notwithstanding the previous paragraph, the client may make a reasonable amount of copies of such material for distribution to its own personnel and strictly for internal business purposes only, to the extent that this is necessary for performance of the contract. In the event of early termination, the provision of the preceding paragraph applies.

The client acquires ownership of material specifically designed for and during the performance of the contract, and the right to copy and distribute such material to its own personnel and strictly for internal business purposes only.

14. Confidentiality
Innova undertakes to treat as confidential all information or personal data relating to the client. In performing the contract, Innova will take all reasonable steps to safeguard the client’s interests. The client undertakes to treat as confidential the strategy, working method and other services provided in the performance of the contract, and not to disclose them to third parties without the prior written permission of Innova.

15. Liability
Innova undertakes to exercise all the reasonable skill, care and diligence to be expected of an appropriately qualified and competent consultant experienced in carrying out equivalent services for developments of a similar size, scope, complexity, value and purpose to the contract. Liability for damages arising from Innova’s default in this regard will always be limited to the amount of the fee agreed for the performance of the contract. For contracts exceeding a duration of six months, Innova’s liability is further limited to the maximum fee to be declared for the preceding six-month period. Any claims by the client must be submitted within a year of discovering the damages to which the client is entitled.

16. Complaints procedure
This complaints procedure applies to all services provided by Innova to its clients.

Complaints will always be handled confidentially by the relevant Innova account holder.

Innova regards every complaint as an opportunity to improve its services. Complaints may be filed verbally, digitally or in writing.

Complaints must be formulated as clearly as possible by one or more of the contracting parties, specifying the name of the complainant and the date and time of the complaint.

Innova undertakes to respond to each complaint within one week, in writing. All correspondence relating to the complaint will be incorporated in the client’s file and kept for two years. If additional time is needed for investigating the complaint, Innova undertakes to inform the complainant within a week, indicating the reasons. It will also inform the complainant that a decision will be reached within one month.

Means of legal redress: if necessary, Innova will engage the services of an independent third party, namely Ms Ruby Boesjes of Boesjes & Wijngaard Advocaten of Haarlem (, whose decision will be final and binding for Innova, and the consequences of which will be settled within one month.

17. Applicable law
All contracts are governed by Dutch law only.

Privacy statement

Read our privacy statement according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Innova Consultancy, hereafter referred to as ‘Innova’ is responsible for the processing of personal data as set out in this privacy statement according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Contact details:
Lavendelstraat 60
2034 MJ Haarlem

Telephone: 023-5400384

1. Personal data which we process
Innova processes your personal data in the context of your use of our services and/or because you personally provide these data to us. Below is an overview of the personal data we process:

  • First name and surname
  • Address details
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • Other personal data which you actively provide, e.g. through correspondence or by telephone
  • Bank account number

2 Special and/or sensitive data which we process
Innova processes the following special and/or sensitive personal data relating to you:

  • Provided data and (personal as well as professional) information during training and developmental work.
  • Belbin tests
  • Profile photo

3 The purposes for which and legal basis on which we process personal data

Innova processes your personal data for the following purposes:

  • Handling your payments
  • In order to be able to call you or send you an email if this is necessary for the performance of our services
  • To be able to inform you about changes in our services
  • To execute our services
  • Innova also processes personal data if we are legally required to do so, such as data that we need for our tax return.

The foundations on which we process personal data are:

  • Permission from the people involved
  • Execution of the agreement
  • To comply with the legal obligation
  • Justified interest

4. Retention period of personal data
Innova stores your personal data for no longer than is strictly necessary to realize the purposes for which your data are collected.

5 Sharing of personal data with third parties
Innova does not sell your personal data to third parties and shall only provide them to third parties if this is necessary for the execution of our agreement with you or in order to comply with a legal obligation.

6 Inspecting, adjusting or removing data
You have the right to inspect, correct or delete your personal data. You also have the right to retract any permission you may have given for the processing of your personal data, or to object to the processing of your personal data by Innova. You also have a right to data portability. This means that you can submit a request to us to send a computer file containing the personal data we have about you to you or another organization of your choice. You can send a request for inspection, correction, removal or transfer of your personal data, as well as a request to retract your permission or to file an objection to the processing of your personal data, to

To verify that a request for inspection has been submitted by you, we ask that you attach a copy of your proof of identity. On this copy, you should black out the photo, the MRZ (machine readable zone, the line of numbers at the bottom of your passport), the passport number and the Citizen Service Number (Burgerservicenummer; BSN) in order to protect your privacy. We will respond to your request as soon as possible, and in any case within four weeks. Innova would also like to point out that you have the option to submit a complaint to the national supervisor, the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

7. How we protect personal data
Innova is committed to protecting your data and has taken effective measures to prevent abuse, loss, unauthorized access, undesired publication and unlawful changes. If you feel that your data are nevertheless not properly protected, or there are signs of abuse, please contact our customer service department, or send a message to